Using Your Energy Where It Counts

As we work through Onward’s Chapter 11: Ride the Waves of Change, we are exploring ways to help us thrive in the midst of change. We are discussing the following 4 principles that will help you manage unwanted change and possibly thrive in its aftermath:

  1. to slow down
  2. to evaluate and analyze situations
  3. to use your energy where it counts
  4. to be open to outcomes

Today as we look at using your energy where it really counts, we offer this question. Ask yourself this over and over: WHAT REALLY MATTERS? This question will help as you decide where to put your energy especially when trying to manage unwanted change. As Elena shares in Chapter 11, time is finite, and our energy is limited. We can manage our energy so as to maximize it, and we can refuel our energy, but, in the end, there’s only so much time in a day and only so much energy to expend. If you say this to yourself and accept it, you’ll feel better.

Connect back to your core values. Circle back to Chapter 1: Know Yourself. If you haven’t done the core values activity yet, do it now. Focus your energy in a way that counts – a way that is meaningful, resonant, productive, and aligned to your core values.