Which personality type has had an influence on you?

The opening of chapter 1 of Onward begins “When you know yourself well—when you understand your emotions, social identities, core values, and personality—you gain clarity on
your purpose in life and in work. Being anchored in purpose makes you able to deal with setbacks and challenges.”

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors appears to be someone who has figured out his purpose in life and his work. This Psychology Today article looks at Kerr through an enneagram lens, another way of looking at our personalities. He shares how he is influenced by his 5-observer father. “He was an observer,” he said. “And he let me learn and experience. I try to give our guys a lot of space and speak at the right time. Looking back on it, I think my dad was a huge influence on me, on my coaching.”

Who has influenced your personality? What enneagram type are they? Explore enneagrams more on page 54 of The Onward Workbook.