A Dive Into Fear

I was so tempted not to watch this video How to Kill Fear in 5 Seconds because all too often we are looking for the quick fix and we aren’t willing to put the work in. But I watch and I am so glad I did. I love this simple strategy for overcoming fear.

Fear holds us back. And as Elena Aguilar shares in Chapter 4 of Onward, fear might be the biggest problem we face in schools. Fear erodes community. I love the reflection questions that she asks in this section. What might be possible if we had less fear? What kinds of communities could we build? How might we more effectively serve children if we were less fearful? And she shares a vision for what our communities in education would be like without as much fear. What is possible…we could:

  • admit to making mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and have a chance to make things right with our community
  • ask for help
  • share stories about love and sadness and pain and fear
  • address injustices more immediately and directly
  • invite a colleague to have tea
  • hold team meetings that are meaningful and productive, and that impact student learning
  • give our leaders feedback and challenge their authority
  • interrupt the status quo
  • challenge ineffective structures and dysfunctional systems
  • name and discuss the elephants in the room
  • appreciate others, ask for appreciations, and celebrate together

What are you afraid of? What might be possible if your fear was uncovered?