Exploring Core Values: Beyond the Quiz

White schnauzer looking in the mirror

So you’ve done the quiz and you know what your top core values are. Now what? Here are some reflection questions that’ll help you make meaning of your core values and think about how to use them:

  • Which of your core values feels easiest to uphold? Which feels hardest?
  • If you had only one top value, which would that be? Why? How are your other values related to this top core value?
  • Recall a time when you embodied or acted on a core value. You may have made a decision based on a core value. What happened? What made it possible, or even easy, for you to act on that value?
  • Recall a time when your own actions violated one of your core values—when you didn’t uphold a core value or made a decision that conflicted with a core value. What happened? When did you realize you were acting in opposition to a core value?
  • Can you identify a time when your core values felt like they conflicted with each other? Perhaps you had to make a decision, but felt pulled between two options because of your core values. What happened?
  • Recall a time when one of your core values was tested by other people at work. What happened? How did that experience help you understand your values better?

What’s Next?

Post your values where you can see them. In the morning, set an intention to act on a specific core value. Think about what it would look like for you to act in alignment with that value. Where might there be opportunities during the day to do so? At the end of the day, reflect on how you upheld your value. When did it feel easy to do so? When were you challenged? In the moments when you were challenged, was there another core value that you might have been unconsciously trying to uphold?

When you don’t feel good about something that happened—someone says or does something that upsets you—see if there might be a connection with a core value. Perhaps one of these felt unappreciated or violated. Perhaps you violated your own core value.

How have your core values help you make decisions, connect with others, and expand your resilience? Please share in the comments!