Using Dance to Tell the Courageous Story of Resistance

This powerful dance company, Desert Dance Theater tells the story Sister Moses: The Story of Harriet Tubman. The powerful message that is shared is one of “courage and perseverance, of overcoming obstacles, and really standing up for what your beliefs are, and actually putting them into action in the face of adversity…..there is victory here and empowerment here for all people.”

In Chapter 10 of Onward: Play and Create, Elena Aguilar share her thoughts on art, resistance, and resilience. “This is how art boosts my resilience: a painting, poem. sculpture, song, or novel that conveys an injustice unlocks my empathy, moves me to sadness or anger. Yet perhaps because the message is conveyed artistically, I also experience optimism. I’m reminded that human beings have the capacity to commit acts of both tremendous violence and stunning beauty. The memorialization and permanence of the artwork also makes me feel hopeful.; because of the artist’s work, the experience of the suffering will not be forgotten.”

Please watch this moving video. I can only imagine how powerful the entire production is. If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area, check out the upcoming events for the Desert Dance Theater.