When Connecting with Colleagues, What Role Does Trust Play?

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astronaut in space with earth in distance


The habit for this month in Onward is appreciation and the disposition is trust. For those of us in education, May is often a time when we wind down the year and take some time to reflect back. Think about the people you work with and the teams that you are on. What level of trust do you have?

This podcast, How to Trust People You Don’t Like talks to some astronauts about this topic and how they are able to build trust even within their stressful jobs in really close quarters. What can we as educators learn from these astronauts? The podcast goes on to share the story of Dan Coyle a journalist who shares that “If we’re vulnerable together, we’re going to get close. We’re going to trust each other, we’re going to cooperate, we’re going to have cohesion. It’s the way we’re built.” I often find that vulnerability is the key to many relationships and teams that I work on.

Listen and think about the people that you work with and answer the question posed in the podcast: How much can I count on this person?