Your Brain on Creativity

Ever wonder what is happening in your brain when you use your imagination and are creative? I thought this was a perfect way to kick of this month’s learning on the habit of play and creativity.

Growing up, we used cardboard to keep the light from coming in our bedroom windows, and then during the day these same pieces of cardboard came alive. I remember playing with them for hours creating tunnels and forts and letting our imaginations run wild. Those pieces of cardboard took on a life of their own. Obviously as a small child I didn’t know what was happening in my brain as I reimagined those pieces of cardboard, but now as an adult fascinated with brains and neuroscience, I loved this video!

This 5 minute TED-Ed video, The Neuroscience of Imagination is a great illustration of what happens in your brain when you access imagination. And if you haven’t explored TED-Ed videos before, check out the lesson plans that come with the video prompting you to watch, think, dig deeper, and discuss.

So go ahead and challenge your brain…what crazy image are you picturing right now?