A Dive Into Perfectionism

Here at Onward, each month we explore a habit, disposition, and an emotion as we learn how to best cultivate our resilience. This month we take a dive into perfectionism. As Elena Aguilar shares in Chapter 6 of Onward, at the heart of perfectionism is a belief that, in order to be loved and accepted, we must strive to act and be the best all the time. Our very worth as a human being is tied to our perfection. The pursuit of perfection consumes a great deal of time and energy because every time we feel shame, blame, or criticism, our response is, I wasn’t perfect enough. So let me be more perfect next time. And this goal, remember, is not possible.

So if you are feeling like you need a little inspiration right now, please watch this video: The Prison of Perfection. And take the message to heart. Be you with all your beautiful flaws! And know that that is enough and that you are loved!