A Dive into Sadness

We cannot see the bright spots if we cannot also see the bleak moments. – Elena Aguilar, Onward Chapter 7

If you haven’t started reading Onward yet, you may not know that each chapter focuses on a different habit, disposition, and takes a dive into an emotion. This month the dive is into sadness. In my research I found this TED Ed video The Brief History of Melancholy. Beyond the interesting look into sadness from ancient times til now, I love the message that melancholy is necessary to gain wisdom. This somehow lessons my fear of sadness and has me believing in the vision that Elena shares in Chapter 7: What is it like, I wonder, to have a healthy relationship to sadness? I believe that is possible. I think it would entail sharing our sadness with others, accepting its existence, and shedding the shame of it.

Share your sadness and feel more connected to those around you as we cultivate our resilience.