A Dive Into Vulnerability

For those of you that have already started Onward, you will notice that each chapter focuses on a habit, a disposition, and a dive into an emotion. For this first chapter as you learn about yourself and your purpose, you will also take a dive into vulnerability. This TedTalk by BrenĂ© Brown has been watched by almost 35 million people, so odds are that you have already seen it. If you haven’t, please take 20 minutes now to watch her powerful, life-changing message. And if you have watched it at some point in the past, watch it again now as you are knee-deep in the work of knowing yourself and your purpose. Vulnerability is foundational to cultivating your resilience!

As you move through this work, remember Elena Aguilar’s reminder that she shares in chapter 1 of Onward: ” I imagine that the content of this chapter and of this whole book (and the workbook) may make you feel vulnerable. After all, I’m encouraging you to look closely at yourself, and any time we hold up a mirror to ourselves, we are likely to feel vulnerable. I’m asking you to be vulnerable because I think it’ll be worth it. You’ll learn about yourself by doing so, and you’ll emerge stronger, more empowered, more courageous, and more accepting of yourself. You might also form deeper connections with others.”

And if you don’t have your copy of Onward or The Onward Workbook yet, get your copy now so you can immerse yourself in your journey towards resilience!