Creating Art from the Pain of the Past

Do you have the Onward Workbook? If so, I doubt you’ve reached the chapter called, “Focus on the Bright Spots,” but there’s an activity in there called “Repurpose Your Pain.” In it, I describe the art of Ghanaian artist, El Anatsui, who uses the discarded metal caps of liquor bottles to make beautiful sculptures. Check out the full description of the activity and the artist.

Cape Town now has the largest museum dedicated to contemporary African art (and art of the African diaspora) on the African contine nt. It’s called the Zeitz MOCAA and it’s beautiful. And it has a huge piece by El Anatsui! So when I wrote the Workbook, I couldn’t include an image because of copyright laws, and now I can show you what his work looks like here—because I took the photos! I hope you’ll have a chance to see his art in person one day—it’s exhibited in many museums in the U.S. It’s really beautiful.


And on the subject of the the Workbook. Recently on Twitter Kathrina Mendez posted this picture and commented, “It was like group therapy for us all! We felt like @artofcoaching1 was there at the table speaking to us through her workbook!” And that was the best thing. Because I wrote the Workbook intending to put myself, as a coach, into a book, so that I can sit with more people around the world and support them in exploring their resilience.