Try Listening to Onward

So by now if you still haven’t purchased a copy of Onward, you still have options. There is a reason this book was a #1 New Release on Amazon for Educational Administration!! The first run of books has sold out and more are being produced, but if you are ready to start now, you have a few options.

Did you know that Onward is available as an audiobook? If you haven’t tried listening to a book before, you are in for a treat. Summer road trips can be a lot more interesting while listening to a book. And what about hiking out in nature or going for a long run while listening and being inspired by your favorite author. Yes, there are times we need to unplug and be present, but listening to books can also be an amazing experience. I found this article fascinating on how your brain “reads” and ‘listens” to books.

If you are ready to start Onward today and can’t get your hands on a copy yet, try the audiobook…or even the ebook version if that is your thing. The idea is to find find what works for you as you explore the content. Remember that next month is about acceptance:) So join the journey today!