August Onward Challenge


We are holding an August Onward Challenge called, “Starting Strong: how many copies of Onward can we get into the hands of new teachers?” We know Onward has been game changing for so many of you and we so often hear, “I wish I’d had this when I was starting out!” This has inspired us to see how many copies we can get to new teachers so they can build their resilience from day 1. Here’s how it works: Buy a copy of Onward for at least one new teacher (new to teaching or new to your school!) and then enter your name here. Everyone who participates will be entered to win two months of coaching with me! The winner will be randomly selected on September 1.

So help us expand our Onward community and create schools where children and adults thrive! Please share this challenge on your favorite social media channel with the hashtag #onwardchallenge


  • I am bringing this book to my school this year with the support of my administration. We will be working on a different disposition each month. I have already purchased the book and workbook, as have many of our teachers. We are very excited.

    • I too have recommended this resource to other members of my school community. I plan to start a small book club with the 3-4 teachers who have expressed interest (2 already have a copy of the book in hand and are excited to get started). My hope is that interest will build and that we can start a second small group at some point this year.

  • Keep us posted Ashley as to how your journey goes and let us know any way we can support it!

  • Thank you. I’m very hopeful that this vehicle will help us grow as educators and become a more unified team.

  • I need a copy I’m in South Africa. Please advise me on how to access a copy and I will send my postal address.

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