Coping with Change

Over the past year, I have really fallen in love with podcasts. I love listening to other people’s perspectives on things. I find myself listening on walks or in the car and with 2 teenage boys involved in multiple sports, I spend a lot of time in my car or waiting in front of gyms or baseball fields to pick up. There are times when I want to listen to a longer podcast and then there are times when 10 minutes is perfect and just which just what I need!

That is how I found the podcast The Mindful Kind and this episode on Coping with Change with Rachel Kable, who I discovered has also written The Mindful Kind. I had about 15 minutes and I searched for podcasts on change and I came across this. So hopefully if you have 10 minutes to listen, you too will enjoy the reminders that are shared on how to build resilience to better cope with change.