Different Lenses for Change

Today we are sharing one of Elena’s strategies that she uses for evaluating change. She thinks of it as switching lenses and has found it especially useful when she is feeling like a victim of a change. She imagines looking through three lenses to help gain perspective. Here are the three lenses:

  1. Look at the change through a macro lens, seeing all of the elements close up. Sometimes this allows for one to see positive aspects they had overlooked.
  2. Next look at the change through a long lens and ask yourself, How might I see this situation in six months? In two years?
  3. Then switch to a wide lens and ask What other factors are at play? Who else is impacted? What is their experience of this change? How do they see this situation, and how are they experiencing the change?

Changing lenses often helps one gain insight into how to better respond to what’s happening.