Disposition: Optimism

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Wow! World poetry slam champion Rudy Francisco delivers an inspiring performance on optimism. He is beyond talented and his message resonates on so many levels. This is one of those videos that I find myself watching over and over. He truly understands the power of using words and stories: “When my uncle was murdered we had to send out a search party for my father’s voice.”

As Elena shares in Chapter 3 of Onward, “In my research on resilience, the disposition that’s discussed and referenced perhaps more than any other is optimism. The resilient are undeniably, unequivocally optimistic.” The good news is that there are ways to increase our optimism and much of that lies in the stories that we tell. As she goes on to share “this is the place of power – our interpretation, our story crafting – and it’s the precise place where we can feed the seeds of our optimism.”

You are still alive. Act like it. What will you do TODAY to feed the seeds of your optimism?