Beautiful Moments

This. Is. So. Awesome. So you need to read about Janne Willems and watch her TedTalk. She goes up to strangers, hands them a blank postcard and asks them to draw her a beautiful moment from their week. You need to read A sweet look at some of the small things that make our lives beautiful to see examples from around the world. And I just love how she explains how the people would change after they give her the postcards.

As I read and watch, I am reminded about the need to cultivate curiosity and compassion in all that we do. Jenna explains this perfectly: “I was curious about other people’s beautiful moments,” she says. “What catches their eye? How does that make life easier on difficult days? What helps them to see the good side of this world?” And it immediately makes me think of our monthly mantra for August, I will find beauty in every moment, even when I am surrounded with suffering.

Let’s make the world beautiful….one moment at a time!

FOR EDUCATORS: Love this activity for your students at any level. And leaders, how cool to do this at a staff meeting. Model the activity so that teachers can then try it for themselves.