Disposition: Purposefulness Do you know your why?

This month, our hope is that you are ready to dive into Chapter 1 of Onward. When you do, you will see that the disposition for this month is purposefulness, Elena urges you to find your purpose, to know your why. In the accompanying The Onward Workbook, there is an activity on Crafting Your Mission Statement. This is such a powerful exercise because as Elena says, “Clarity of purpose allows us to access deep reserves of energy.” So if you are just at the start of your journey towards resiliency, this is a must. And for those further along their journey, reread your mission statement. Does it still hold true for where you are now?

Simon Sinek’s TedTalk Great leaders inspire action has been viewed more than 38 million times. Not surprisingly he talks about the purpose of why. He shares that successful companies and people know their why and let purposefulness guide their decisions. How can we apply this to our educational system and the work we do in schools?

Write your WHY and connect it to your how and your what. Reread your mission and vision. Do you have a clear why? Do you know your why?