What is your purpose in life?

The series that SoulPancake is doing where they ask people ages 0-100 a question is one of my favorites. I love hearing the different bits of wisdom and perspectives of everyone. In this video, people of all ages and backgrounds answer the question: what is your purpose in life? Personally, I love the 40 year old who says “The purpose of life is to experience it. Enjoy opportunities and also recognize that there’s going to be hills and valleys,” and the 80 year old who shares, “To live the best life you can with as much enthusiasm as you can so that other people will benefit by your having lived.” What a powerful purpose to have! Yet some of the people in the video struggle finding their purpose.

In Chapter 1 of Onward, Elena introduces the disposition of purposefulness: “Self-knowledge is the portal through which we cultivate our disposition of purposefulness. When you feel purposeful, you’ll sense it in every confident stride you take, in the words you speak, and in the way you dust off your knees and stand up tall again after you’ve fallen down.” How well do you know yourself? Maybe answering the question What is your purpose in life will help you figure yourself out a little more clearly. And learn more about yourself through the activities in The Onward Workbook.

Share your purpose in the comments. Experience all of life’s opportunities.