Finding Balance in Your Layers of Life

The idea of creating balance in life between our work and our personal life is one that comes into play as we try to focus on self-care. Elena Aguilar ends Chapter 6: Take Care of Yourself of Onward with a discussion on the need for balance. She urges as you reduce the things that deplete your energy and increase the self-care, pay close attention to how doing so impacts your emotions, your patience with kids, your tolerance for an annoying coworker, and your ability to plan lessons and asses papers. Manage your vices, find the middle way, and strive for balance.

As I watched this Jay Shetty video How Do I Find Balance in My Life? I am reminded of the mindset that we often take when trying to achieve balance. The video talk specifically about finding balance between relationships and your personal and professional life, but the message is the same for balance you are trying to achieve in all areas of your life. We often ask “How can I ‘fit this or that’ into my life? Love the discussion that follows. Shetty shares that “the challenge is in the perception that we have to fit stuff in.” He goes on to explain how “we have multiple layers of life. And it’s not about fitting something in.”

So as we begin to close out this month of self-care, think about the different layers in your life. And how are you using those layers to reach your best potential!