Self-Care Through Mindful Eating

In Chapter 6: Take Care of Yourself of Onward, Elena Aguilar makes the case for healthy eating. Resilient people have resilient bodies, bodies that are fed every day with nutritious food.

Now I am going to add another dimension to this. How you eat makes a difference as well. Often in the rush of our days, we eat in such a hurry or more likely eat while we are multitasking. Seven Habits of Mindful Eating shares the importance of not only what we eat but also in how we eat. “The rhythm of life is becoming faster and faster, so we really don’t have the same awareness and the same ability to check into ourselves.” These words are from an unexpected source: a Harvard nutritionist. Dr. Lilian Cheung, with Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh, co-wrote ‘Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life.’ “That’s why mindful eating is becoming more important. We need to be coming back to ourselves and saying: ‘Does my body need this? Why am I eating this? Is it just because I’m so sad and stressed out?'” In this 3-minute video, Dr. Cheung explains how honoring and being mindful of the food we eat makes us healthier. She offers seven practices for mindful eating — simple steps that we can take to maintain a healthier weight and live a happier life. We are what we eat — and how we eat it.” Watch the 3 minute video that goes with the article.

What changes will you commit to regarding your eating?