Finding Our Place in the World

As you will see when you read Onward, so many of the habits and dispositions that Elena Aguilar talks about are connected. The book is set up with one habit and disposition per chapter, but as you make your way through the book, you will quickly learn that the habits and dispositions build upon each other.

This video, Women of Color Surfing as a Powerful Form of Resistance, is a great example of how the habits and dispositions in Onward have the power to build up our resilience. This group of women shows much courage as they face their fears to play and create. Chapter 10 focuses on the habit of courage and the disposition of play and create. But these women are also building community (Chapter 4) and positive self-perceptions (Chapter 6). Their perseverance (Chapter 11) is inspiring, no doubt they are empowering (Chapter 7) future generations of surfers. See how the habits and dispositions all build upon each other?

Which habit and disposition are you most excited to start exploring?