Bringing Purpose to Our Planning

Hands in circle

As the school year winds down, the focus often shifts from this year to next. Much of my work is around planning professional development for teachers and administrators. Working in schools for over 20 years, I have seen that successful years can often be traced back to purposeful planning and providing opportunities to connect. But all too often we we undervalue the importance of reflection and building connections.

This article, Zen and the Art of Meaningful Meetings, challenges our notion of needing to always leave a meeting with an action plan. The article shares that “If we want our institutions of learning to be learning institutions, we have to make room for staff and faculty to have access to deep learning, mentoring, networking, contemplation and sense-making.” Chapter 4 of Onward talks about the importance of building a community. As you close out the year and start planning for next year, how can you be purposeful (disposition in chapter 1) and make reflection a component of your planning? Learn to become comfortable with being mindful and present in the meetings that you plan.

Are you creating space for community building and deep learning to occur within your organization?