Getting Lost in a Story

In my quest to share resources for Onward, I have watched countless videos, listened to many podcasts, and read too many articles to count. I often find myself out on a walk or sitting at a coffee shop laughing or crying as I listened and/or watched stories about people cultivating their resilience. And mostly I have been inspired by this work!

I often listen trying to find connections to the work of Onward, but with this specific podcast (Starting from Scratch: Stories of people starting over, sometimes because they want to, other times because they have to – This American Life podcast), I just got lost in listening to people’s stories, stories so different from my own, and yet at the end of the podcast, I feel like I know them, or at the very least, I heard their story. And I am reminded of when Elena shares in Onward that “once we reach the social level of storytelling, then the power and privilege play a greater role, influencing which stories are told, who tells them, and how we hear those stories.”

So keep speaking your truth and listening to the truths of others.