Your Future Self Needs Your Current Self

It’s critical that YOU tell the story of what’s happening. If you don’t, other people will do it for you, and you might not like their narrative.

These are some of my favorite lines from Onward and ones that I find myself wanting to share repeatedly. When I watch Les Brown share his story in this video, I am reminded why these lines are so important. Do not let someone’s opinion of you become your reality! How often as educators have we let our opinions of a student define their story? We love to label in education and then even better if there is an acronym to go with that label, right? Do we know each of our students’ stories? If yes, is it the story the student is telling or one that has been told to us by other teachers or administrators? Imagine how different that story might be.

Our challenge is to be the Mr. Washington for all the Les Browns that walk through our classroom doors. Listen as our students find their voice and share their story. Know that you are making a difference in their future lives!