Health Spring Cleaning

With the time change and the coming arrival of spring, this is the perfect time for a little health spring cleaning.

8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Health Routine also shares how some of these new routines will boost your creativity…perfect timing since that is the habit that we are focusing on here at Onward for this month of March!

Liz Wilkes, CEO of national wellness provider, Exubrancy, suggests taking walking meetings over virtual ones. “I love to use the warmer spring weather as an opportunity to get out of the office for walking meetings. Walking meetings help spark creativity, build deeper connections withcolleagues and counteract the effects of sitting for extended periods of time. Plus studies show that natural light significantly increases energy and productivity,” she explains. Wilkes also offers this pro tip: “Map your route in advance so you don’t have to interrupt your conversation with navigation decisions!”

One of my favorite parts of our various Bright Morning Consulting offerings is the “walk and talks” that we have participants take together to engage in their learning in a different way. Boost your creativity, cultivate your resilience, and take that conversation outside for a walk!