How Defining Moments Shape Our Identities

Looking back over your childhood, what defining moments helped shape who you are today? At the time of these moments, you may not have even been aware of the power they held for your future self. I love this TedTalk Radio featuring entrepreneur Tan Lee: What Does Identity Mean for an Immigrant? Her story of growing up as a Vietnamese immigrant in Australia defines who she is today. She talks about stepping outside of her comfort zone and finding her strength and her voice. She shows her resilience each time she shares her story.

Understanding ourselves is the foundation of becoming more resilient. And as Elena shares in Onward (Chapter 1 – Know Yourself) “Self-knowledge is critical in times of turmoil and helps us manage the onslaught of emotions that arise during change or when we want to lead change.” Tan Lee knows who she is and we are better for hearing her story.

What are your defining moments? Share in comments. Let’s all learn from each other’s moments.