Sleep: The Magic Resilience Booster

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This is one of those blog posts where I am actually talking to myself and putting this out there so I can take my own advice…and I can’t be the only one out there feeling this way, right? May is always a crazy time of year for me. Both my boys have birthdays in May, their baseball seasons are in full swing, end of year activities seem never-ending and all this is just with my role as mom.

I was lucky enough to spend time early this week in Boulder, CO with the first Coaching Emotional Resilience workshop. It was an amazing experience in a beautiful setting and I was constantly reminded of how grateful I am to get to do this work. I was flying back home to California late last night and when I landed, I got this text from my 8th grader: Mom, can you please help me with my English homework when you get home. Honestly my first response was NOOOOOOOOO – you are kidding, right? I just want to go home and crawl in to bed, but of course I said sure, I’ll be home soon. As I got in to bed about midnight after helping him and set my alarm for an early morning principals meeting, I realized, I’m tired, like really having trouble processing tired, like am I going to make it to the end of the year tired. And I honestly struggled through my day today.

So tonight, I decided to reread part of Chapter 6 of Onward: Take Care of Yourself. The “What Your Body Desperately Needs” section was exactly what I needed. And I also read this great blog about the importance of sleep, creating a sanctuary, and cultivating gratitude. And now I feel like I have a game plan to getting my life back in control and finishing the year strong. And it all starts with a good night of sleep. So my gratitude tonight is for Onward: Thanks for the simple reminder to help me prioritize my need for sleep.