Identifying Your Learning Needs

We shared the Mind the Gap tool in a blog post in November when we were exploring the habit: Take Care of Yourself. We explored the gaps as we searched for Why Don’t We Take Better Care of Ourselves. And here we are now in February working on the habit: Be a Learner and this tool becomes so important to our growth once again.

If the Mind the Gap tool is new to you, take some time to explore the different gaps that Elena Aguilar discusses. In Onward, she shares how to use this framework: Use this framework as a resource to push you into the stance of a learner, into a place of curiosity devoid of judgement, and into a growth mindset. We all have gaps; we’ll have gaps for as long as we live, because there’s no person alive who has the ability to do everything. Gaps are indicators that we can still learn and grow. We can learn to delight in our gaps, to see them with joy and clarity. This framework is not about deficit thinking, not about finding weaknesses, it’s about recognizing our true potential and examining what lies in the way of fulfilling it. It’s not a tool for self-judgement or criticism. If you find yourself struggling to use this tool in a way that feels useful, explore your feelings about this framework.

So if you haven’t explored your gaps, now is a perfect time to do so as your focus this month is on cultivating this learner habit. Reflect on your relationship with your gaps. Let this framework help you anchor yourself in the place of a learner.