Learning from Envy

Earlier this month, we took A Dive into Envy and also explored how to manage your envy. So today it seems fitting to share an activity out of The Onward Workbook titled: Learning from Envy. One of the ways that envy can be our teacher is for us to pay attention to what it might be saying about what we want in our life. Envy is uncomfortable and can be very painful, but it may be giving us a clue about the changes we need to make in our life so that we can be happier. In order to learn from envy, try reflecting on it using these questions:

  • Whom do you envy? What do you envy about this person’s life?
  • What insight do you get into your life, and what you’re missing or wanting in your life, from the envy you feel?
  • What could you do to bring those elements into your own life? What action could you take now to make those things happen?