Let Your Actions Speak for You

Although admittedly I don’t know much about the Prime Minister of Holland, Mark Rutte, I do know that I like how he responds to spilling his coffee in this video. Yes he probably knew that cameras were on him, but his energy and interactions speak volumes.

As you explore your core values in chapter 1 of Onward, think about how they are reflected in all that you do. Are you core values evident to all that you interact with? If you are a leader in your organization, how are your core values helping to guide your organization? Think about a time when you didn’t act with your core values in mind. How did you feel?

In chapter 1 of Onward, Elena Aguilar talks about how “Our values orient us, drive us, and anchor us. We experience integrity when we act in alignment with them. When our actions are not aligned with our values, it doesn’t feel good…Interestingly, psycho-neuroimmunologists find that our immune systems are strengthen or depleted by the degree of integrity with which we live our lives.”

Are your core values aligned to your actions?