So Much Goes Into Forming Our Identities

Lloyd Newman, David Isay, and LeAlan Jones in the Sound Portraits office, March 2002

So much about this podcast gets me…these two young men are amazing storytellers. Twenty five years ago they decided to carry around a microphone and give people a glimpse into their lives. They called their radio documentary Ghetto 101 and it is a fascinating look into their lives. This was well before the idea of podcasts or even sharing your life on social media. LeAlan and Lloyd were ahead of their times. They knew that growing up in Chicago’s South Side was a huge part of who they were, and they knew they had a story to share.

Twnety five years ago…and yet the story is one that could have been told in 2018 in Chicago’s South Side. And this is exactly why there is so much work that needs to be done. Work around disrupting the inequities in our school systems. Work around building our resilience to create change. Work around true transformation so that we are not sitting here in 2043 sharing the same stories.