Mindfulness: A Powerful Impact on Our Lives

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Looking for a interesting podcast? I just listened to this podcast with On Being’s host Krista Tippett and Ellen Langer, a social psychologist who some have called “the mother of mindfulness.” The podcast is titled The Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness. I so appreciate the take Ellen Langer has on the concept of work/life balance. In the conversation she shares her thoughts on this topic: “But the idea, I think, to replace work/life balance, which treats these categories as independent, is work/life integration. And you should get to the point where you’re treating yourself whether you’re at work or at play in basically the same way.” As someone who strives for work/life balance, I like this new approach to thinking about it!

Be Here Now, Chapter 5 in Onward also address the importance of mindfulness. When we think of our work in schools it is important to see how mindfulness connects us more directly to the present moment. Elena Aguilar shares how “Our perceptions are often distorted by bias, fears, or wishful thinking. Mindfulness helps us cut through our distorted perceptions, and without those distractions, we can engage with whatever stimulus is occurring and be discerning about our choices.” I love how Elena brings the equity piece into the conversation. Mindfulness has the power to transform our schools.

Do you consider yourself a mindful person? Take a listen and share your thoughts.