Our Community Will Get Us Through

Our life’s journey is about the people who touch us. – Stuart Scott

My life has always centered around sports. I grew up in a sports family. ESPN always on tv and conversation centered around the headlines from the Green Sheet, San Francisco Chronicle’s sports section that was printed on green-tinted paper. The first time I met my soon-to-be husband who grew up in Denver but was living in San Francisco. I asked him where he was from and when he responded “Denver”, I said “Oh you must be so bummed that Elway isn’t playing tomorrow” (referring to a conversation I heard on ESPN early that day about an injury that Denver Bronco quarterback John Elway sustained and he wouldn’t be playing in Sunday’s big game). I pretty much sealed my fate with that response.

And so now tradition continues. ESPN is always on in our house and conversation with my two boys more than likely will center around something to do with sports. And for that I am grateful. There are so many lessons to learn through sports, but none as important as the one we learned in 2014 listening to Stuart Scott accept the Jimmy V Perseverance award for his courageous battle against cancer. If you haven’t heard it, please watch now. Stuart Scott gave an emotional speech in which he shared his battle with cancer and how those around him are what helped him fight on. He built up a community around him. He embodied the idea that a strong, healthy community can bolster us through challenging moments and bring joy to our lives. What an amazing message for all to hear.

There are so many valuable lessons to learn in looking at Stuart Scott’s life. And if you want to hear more, watch this video legacy piece to him.