Running to Resilience

Love. Love. Love this story! Just watching this video makes me want to lace up my running shoes and hit the trails. But it also makes me take pause. I am in awe of the strong woman before me…and the many generations of her tribe that came before her. Having run four marathons myself, I think of all the gear I had. The $100 shoes, the right socks, the packets of Gu Energy gels, the correct proportions of water to Gatorade to match what I had trained with, the dri-fit clothing. So much “stuff”. It’s been a few years now since I have put in 30+ miles a week, but I now feel inspired to leave the excuses behind.

Running helps you cultivate many of the habits of resilience discussed in Onward. As you read through Onward, see how many connections you can make between the habits and dispositions and your running. So if you have been waiting for the perfect time to start running or training, the time is now (Here is a training guide to help you get started). And if you are thinking to yourself nope running isn’t for me, and you are just looking for another great summer read (after you finish Onward of course:), you need to read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. This fascinating read gives you a glimpse into the reclusive Tarahumara Indians of Mexico‚Äôs Copper Canyons and just might be the inspiration needed!

Where is your favorite place to run and which habit does running help you cultivate? Share in the comments to build community!