Take Your Learning with Onward to the Another Level

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It has been so fun watching you all share your stories on social media about your summer reading adventures with Onward and to see all the book clubs that are forming. Are you ready to dive in even a little more deeply and experience Onward through a workshop setting? Come learn how to build your own resilience as well as the resilience of those around us.

We begin by reflecting on our own emotional resilience, then explore and practice coaching strategies to do similar work with others. Coaches play a critical role in cultivating an educator’s ability to manage stress and respond to adversity, and therefore coaches can mediate the impact of burnout, including high turnover of teachers. To do this, coaches need a refined and specific skill set to understand emotions, know how and where to intervene in an emotional cycle, and build the capacity of another to manage their emotional experiences.

Checkout our new fall lineup of Coaching Emotional Resilience workshops and register today. And if you are interested in having us come do a workshop in your city, comment here and let us know!