The Monthly Mantra for July

Welcome to another month of working with Onward! This month as we move into chapter 2, we explore the habit of understanding emotions, the disposition of acceptance and take a dive into anger.

Here at Onward, we are offering a monthly mantra that will go with the habit and disposition for the month. With July, like June, comes some time in our days for reflection. And as Elena Aguilar shares in Onward: “Summer is an ideal time to reflect on your emotions because hopefully you can sleep a little more, enjoy warm evenings, and find a few minutes for contemplation.” So we offer you this mantra for July: I am worthy of love. As a creature on this earth, I am worthy of being loved and cherished by others. My worth is untarnished by my imperfections or the way others see me. Hopefully you were following us last month and played around with the mantra we offered: I love myself. I am a beautiful, unique spirit. There is no one else quite like me. If mantras are new to you, explore the uses and benefits here.

Have fun exploring the many uses of mantras as you begin to understand your emotions more and share your experiences in the comments.