You Must Watch Pixar’s Inside Out!

Throughout Onward, you will find call-out boxes for Implications for Leaders in cultivating the emotional resilience of their staff. For chapter 2, Understand Emotions, Elena Aguilar encourages leaders to begin a conversation with staff about emotions by watching and discussing Pixar’s Inside Out. If you are unfamiliar with this movie, Elena shares that “The Pixar movie Inside Out is revolutionary in its suggestion of how we relate to emotions…It offers a liberating cultural construct for emotions.” It is definitely a must-watch movie!

And a perfect way to kick off this next chapter about understanding emotions. You will also find great discussion prompts for this movie in The Onward Workbook. (Today is the perfect day to order your workbook if you don’t have one yet!) My favorite is What connections can you make to the suggestions that in order to feel true happiness, we must also feel sadness? If you have already seen the movie, I encourage you to watch it again as you immerse yourself this month in understanding emotions.


  • I’m working with the Onward workbook with some colleagues and am leading an activity for everyone on Understand Emotions. We don’t have the time to watch the movie in the session but I would like to show some clips. Are there any suggestions about which clips to show?

    • Hi Krisitn, I would show clips that show illustrate how our emotions are at the center of our decision making/actions. As we learn to understand our emotions, we have to become aware of our triggers and feel a sense of empowerment when thinking about the cycle of an emotion. I have also found that when I mention the film, a large majority of audiences have seen it, so your group might have a solid foundation and the clips could be used as a reminder and a way to dial specifically into the concept you are exploring when you are together. – Janet

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