The Monthly Mantra for August

Welcome to another month of working with Onward! This month as we move into Chapter 3, we explore the habit of telling empowering stories, the disposition of optimism and take a dive into love.

Here at Onward, we are offering a monthly mantra that will go with the habit and disposition for the month. In August, those of us in education start heading back to school this month, so this is a perfect focus to kick off a new school year. Elena shares in the opening of Chapter 3: “How you interpret and make sense of events is a juncture point where emotional resilience increases or depletes. You make the choice about what story to tell. When you tell empowering stories, your optimism may expand, and optimism is a key trait of resilient people.”

So we offer you this mantra for August: I will find beauty in every moment, even when I am surrounded with suffering. Allow this mantra to be a calming force as you interpret and make sense of what is happening around you. Hopefully you were following us last month and played around with the mantra we offered. If mantras are new to you, explore the uses and benefits here.

Have fun exploring the many uses of mantras as you begin to tell more empowering stories. Share your stories in the comments to help build our community here.