The Power of Flipping Your Script

So often we feel stuck and find ourselves in the middle of the same rut story we have been telling for years. This just doesn’t serve us! As we turn our rut stories into river stories, we become more resilient. If this concept is new to you (Elena talks about it in her first book The Art of Coaching) a little background might help. The Onward Workbook has a great activity about river and rut stories. Robert Hargrove, a business and life coaching guru and the author of Masterful Coaching (2000), distinguishes between two kinds of stories we tell: “river” and “rut” stories. Rut stories are those in which, as the name suggests, we get stuck and feel powerless. They cut us off from other people and from our own potential. Rut stories reflect distorted thoughts and problematic core beliefs. River stories, by contrast, allow us to feel open, connected, and optimistic. They reflect a commitment to learning, growth, and perseverance.

When we flip the script on our story, it is amazing what becomes possible. Watch this video for an inspiring look at the power of words.

As we coaching for emotional resilience we need to be aware of the stories that our clients are telling. How can we move them from rut to river?