The Neuroscience of Storytelling


Think back to some of your favorite stories that were shared with you when you were little. Or if you are a parent or an elementary school teacher, think about those stories that you loved sharing. Your listener would hang on your every word, eyes wide, engaged to the point where it almost felt like the world around you stopped as the story was being told.

What goes on in our minds as stories are being told? This Edutopia article, The Neuroscience of Narrative and Memory, discusses the connection of storytelling to memory. This article makes a case for delivering content through storytelling to help a student’s retention of the information. I especially love the practical examples given as a way to spark your creativity for how story telling can be used in your content area.

What if we could make all content in our classroom this engaging.?What if we could teach in a way that would help our students retain the information more? How can we bring this idea of storytelling into our classrooms?