The Secret to Self-Confidence

In case you aren’t familiar with The Onward Workbook yet, it has daily activities (365 in total!) to support the habit and disposition for the month. So this month, one of the activities is titled “Fake It Until You Make It.” Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy explains why this is true in this quick 1 minute video. In it she explains how this strategy actually works.

Try it. Here are a few reflective questions that Elena offers in The Onward Workbook activity:

  • What behavior or disposition could you fake a little bit today?
  • Could you fake enthusiasm about going to school? or fake self-confidence?
  • Identify a few moments today when you might fake a disposition or behavior. Perhaps when you walk into school and greet a particular staff member who is often cranky? Or when you see your department chair in your weekly meeting?
  • Write down a plan for faking it today.