Try Dry Brushing as Way to Take Care of Yourself This Month

In The Onward Workbook, Elena shares Sixty-Five Ways to Care for Yourself. There are so many good reminders on this list, but today I wanted to highlight #41: Get a dry brush and brush your skin with it. Have you heard of, or maybe even tried, dry brushing?

The first first time I heard about dry brushing was during the first juice cleanse I did about 10 years ago. I loved it, but often find it hard to fit into my morning routine, which is usually a quick shower after a morning yoga class before I drop my kids off at school, usually with wet hair:). So when I do dry brush it feels like true self-care. I feel like I am giving myself a gift. When I value myself enough to take a extra few minutes to take care of my skin, it just feels good.

Read this blog to help you get started: Dry Brushing for Skin: 5 Benefits & How to Do It the Right Way. Commit to it for a week or two and share your thoughts on the effect it had on you.