The Skillsets of Courage

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The disposition this month here at Onward is COURAGE. I just finished listening to Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. Side note, if you haven’t tried listening to a book yet, some of my favorite to listen to are those where the author narrates the book. This was the case with Dare to Lead.

As I listened, I often found myself making connections to Chapter 10 of Onward (and many other chapters) since Elena has us explore the disposition of courage in this chapter. She opens this section with the resilient are courageous.

So as we learn to cultivate our resilience, I thought it would be helpful to share Dare to Lead as a resource for this month. Brené Brown shares that “courage is a collection of 4 skillsets that can be taught, observed and measured.” The following are the 4 skillsets:

  1. Rumbling with vulnerability.
  2. Living into our values.
  3. Braving trust.
  4. Learning to rise.

Happy reading…or listening!


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