Your Life. Your Story. Feel Empowered to Own It.


I love this experiment that was done in New York City with a simple chalkboard. People were asked to write down their biggest regrets. Watch to see what happens when people are given the opportunity to erase and start over.

What would you write on the board? When given the chance for a clean slate, how would you respond?

Chapter 7 of Onward shares the disposition of empowerment. Elena Aguilar shares that “in order to build resilience, you must feel that the ability to respond to challenges lies within you. To manage the endless stream of challenges that you’ll confront, you need to cultivate a disposition of self-efficacy and empowerment.” How can you cultivate this disposition and use it to rewrite your story? Chapter 7 is filled with lots of practical ways to do so. Check it out. Then share your favorite here.