What Makes a Good Question

As you spend this month focusing in on the habit of being a learner and the disposition of curiosity, this is a must watch talk: The Art of Asking Questions by Dan Moulthrop. The interconnectivity this month between the habit and the disposition is so important as we work on being learners, we must approach life with curiosity!

This talk shares the following eight directives when considering the questions we ask.

  1. Be unafraid
  2. Be curious
  3. Try the obvious question
  4. Words matter
  5. Strive for empathy
  6. Be informed
  7. Be simple
  8. Be gracious

And love the added bonus that Moulthrop used to be a high school teacher and says that is where he learned about asking questions! And as a coach, I love his favorite question: what was that like for you? So much of coaching is about asking the right question. Consider this points before your next conversation.