Which Mindset Do you Hold?

Are you protective, judgmental, cynical, critical, close-minded, know-it-all, blame oriented, black or white, limited possibilities, view mistakes as “bad”? Is your primary energy – restrictive?

Or are you curious, accepting, open-minded, comfortable with not knowing, questioning of assumptions, see unlimited possibilities, etc., with your primary energy – expansive?

The blog Mindsets Matter – The Judger vs. Learner Mindset asks these questions as the author compares these two mindsets. The learner mindset is grounded in inquiry. And we know that inquiry and a learner mindset boost our resilience and as the article points out, research says that we are hardwired to have a judger mindset – an evolutionary survival adaptation.

So what are you doing to counteract this? How are you nurturing a learner mindset? What are you curious about?