Empowering Students to Ask Questions

Much of what we share here on our Onward website is geared towards the adult learner, but so much about resilience can be transferred to the students in our classrooms or our own children.

The MindShift blog How to Bring More Beautiful Questions Back to School discusses how questions are about power: “Feeling confident to question the systems of power around us is one of the key jobs of an informed citizenry. Kids need to learn during their time at school that they have the right to know, to challenge assumptions and to dig deeper. Fostering this mentality in students can be challenging for teachers who are often complicit in systems of control over students. But often when teachers open the space for these questions, value them and explore them with students, a deep trust is built.”

How can you create a classroom that builds trust in this way and encourages kids to ask questions? Try these 5 ways to help students become better questioners:

  1. Make it safe.
  2. Make it cool.
  3. Make it fun.
  4. Make it rewarding.
  5. Make it stick.

Which strategy will you try tomorrow in your classroom?