A Daily Habit That Makes a Difference

Logo from Being Well with Dr. Hanson

Welcome to February…a time here at Onward where we will dive into the habit of being a learner! This is Chapter 9 of Onward and one of my favorites to explore because it often brings up a vast array of exciting new learning opportunities for me.

As I tap into this habit, I am curious how different ways of showing up as a learner will help me. So I set out to find resources to support my habit this month. I found this new resource Being Well with Dr. Hanson which features Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson that (according to their website) explores how we can become happier, build inner strength, and get the most out of life. That all sounds great to me!

As I scrolled through their episodes, there were so many topics that I found interesting and worthy of future exploration by me. I am going to use this Being Well podcast this month to explore and see what comes up for me. I started with the Just One Thing: Set Your Intention short episode (who doesn’t have 2 minutes to listen?) with Kelly McGonigal. I have shared Kelly’s work here previously and I love her TED Talk on How to Make Stress Your Friend. So her quick Just One Thing was exactly what I needed to get reground in a daily intention setting practice.

What are you doing to show up as a learner this month? Share you ideas in the comments so we can be learners together:)