A Dive Into Patience

Patience can fuel tenacity, which is a key trait of resilient people. – Elena Aguilar, from Onward Chapter 11

Each month here at Onward, along with the habit and disposition discussed, we take a dive into an emotion. This month we explore patience and the role it has as we cultivate resilience and build up our ability to ride the waves oaf change and persevere.

Elena shares how patience begins when we accept ourselves and the way things are. To do this, we need courage, equanimity, and trust (or what some might call faith). Patience is not passivity or resignation; it doesn’t prevent us from drawing boundaries around how people treat us. Patience is a kind of power. It can increase your compassion, and help you see the big picture and get clarity on when to act.

Yes, please. So how can we cultivate more patience? After reading the section in Onward on patience, look into the practices shared in Impatient? Why and How to Practice Patience. The author, Toni Bernhard J.D., shares the following on transforming thoughts and emotions to practice more patience.

  1. Recognize that impatience has arisen.
  2. Investigate how impatience feels in your mind and in your body.
  3. Begin to transform impatience into patience.

And know that as you boost your patience you will have more energy to persevere!